Keep your cool - it's back to school!

Say goodbye to the long, hot lazy days of summer (even though they feel like they’re only just getting started!), where traffic is a dream in rush hour and no one needs to be anywhere in a hurry. Picnics, beach trips, BBQs, baches – where did the time go?

Suddenly, back to school fever is in the air, with parents ever hopeful that uniforms from last year will still squeeze onto their fast-growing offspring, and there’s a scramble to get everything on the ever-expanding school stationary lists.

New lunchboxes, bags and shoes are the order of the day.

“No, not those gross shoes. I can’t possibly wear those again – they are so 2019. No one will be wearing those!”

(Eyes rolling for dramatic effect.)

“My cruddy old bag has a hole in it – my device could fall right out and smash! I really need a new one pur-leeeeeeeese.”


“Frozen-themed lunchbox again – mother, are you serious?”

(Double sigh! Double eye rolling!)

The hardest challenge could well be convincing kids who’ve slept in to whatever time they please all through the holidays that suddenly they need to readjust their body clocks to getting out of bed before lunchtime – and showered, and dressed, and eaten breakfast and …. don’t miss the bus!!

A great time saver tip in the mornings is to use dry shampoo so that you don’t have to wash your hair on a daily basis. Washing hair every day isn’t recommended by many hairdressers anyway, but we still don’t want that horrid greasy feeling that comes from product build-up and natural oils in the hair after a day or two, so dry shampoo is the way to go to refresh your hair on “non-washing” days. Our dry shampoos are all natural, of course, and use clay and starch to soak up excess oils in your locks. They also smell amazing.

Other great back to school products to pop into those shiny new school bags are our compact moisture rich lip balms that come in multiple yummy flavours, and our useful Bug Stick to keep those mozzies at bay on the school field.

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Caroline Patterson is a freelance writer and editor who lives with animals and teenagers, and is wild about nature (and wine).