Time to spring into action ... and sandals

Yaaaay, the days are now longer, warmer and brighter – well, that’s the theory anyway! Some days it feels like summer is just teasing us with the odd sunny day here and there, but then it’s back to wild wet weather, cosy fires and warm sweaters, red wine and chocolate. Not that you need an excuse for chocolate … or wine!

But it’s about now that the woolly socks and winter boots start to come off, and we gingerly look down, only to be horrified at the state of the dry, cracked scaly things on the end of our legs. We think, “Omgosh, no way am I showing those gross pedi-reptiles off in public wearing sandals!”

Foot Stick to the rescue!
Have no fear, help is at hand in the shape of Raw Nature’s soothing Foot Stick. Every night before bed or when you wake up, you can moisturise away that tough, hard skin by nourishing it in smooth, buttery essential oils, brimming with a strong fresh minty scent. In next to no time,  your tootsies will be in tip top shape for summer, and you’ll be able to wear your favourite sandals with pride, leaving those pedi-reptiles to slink off and hibernate til next winter!


Caroline Patterson is a freelance writer and editor who lives with animals and teenagers, and is wild about nature (and wine).

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