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Fresh sweet spring flowers with a hint of fresh citrus.

A natural deodorant stick that helps you stay fresh naturally all day. We use coconut oil as it's a powerful moisturiser with antifungal benefits. Tapioca starch absorbs moisture and a very small amount of baking soda to neutralise odour, which is essential for keeping a healthy underarm environment.

This scent contains pure ylang ylang essential oil, which has antiseptic benefits, pure grapefruit essential oil which is very uplifting and pure manuka essential oil for its strong antibacterial properties.

If you love the heady scent of fresh spring flowers, you'll love this one as it combines Jasmine-inspired ylang ylang, complemented by grapefruit, which adds a freshness to the sweet floral scent.  

NO aluminium, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, SLS or plastic packaging.


Gently push up the deodorant from the bottom of the tube to expose about 1cm of product. Apply 1-2 swipes to a clean, odour-free underarm. Best applied in the morning after a shower. Works really well if applied every day. Lasts up to 12 hours but if you are working out or going through the transition phase you may need to use more often.

Transition Phase:

Using a natural deodorant can take up to 4 weeks to be effective, especially if you have been using a commercial antiperspirant. This is how the transition phase usually works:

Week 1 - At first all goes well.

Week 2 - Armpit bacteria begins to change, you may notice armpit odour. Most people give up at this stage thinking it isn't working.  But be patient.

Week 3 - Armpit bacteria begins to re-balance.

Week 4 - You should be fully adjusted now.

Each stage of the detox may vary depending on your body's chemistry and the different stages you are going through in your life.  ie: adolescence, pregnancy, diet etc. 


NZ beeswax, organic coconut oil, baking soda, organic tapioca starch, ylang ylang, grapefruit and manuka essential oils. That's it - 0% nasties!

NO aluminium, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, SLS or plastic packaging.

50g - Lasts between 6-8 weeks

If irritation occurs, discontinue use and contact us.


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Adela M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Get Lucky Deodorant Stick - It really works!

My Get Lucky Deodorant Stick glides on, and keeps me fresh all day. I love the perfume and also love the fact that it is not harming my body with any nasties. Would recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural and long lasting deodorant with a lovely perfume. I will buy again. AAA+++ rating.

Rosa T.
New Zealand New Zealand

Game Changer

I have been using natural deoderant for 5 years and this has to be the best so far.Love that it is compact enough to take with me instead of glass jars and OMG the smell is delicious Thank you so much

Zoe T.
New Zealand New Zealand

“Get Lucky”

I’m so glad I switched to a natural product. The product itself plus its plastic free packaging is awesome . Easy application, a great smell and lasting power.

Vicki H.
New Zealand New Zealand

Love the scent. Packaging makes

Love the scent. Packaging makes it much more easier to apply than other similar products that I've tried.

Josh A.
New Zealand New Zealand


Yeah I am enjoying the deodorant, particularly the smell, which is really nice I am also loving the fact that it is natural and not full of harsh chemicals ! Cheers

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