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Australian Non-Toxic Awards

We are thrilled to announce that our product Sassy Strawberry Lip Butta has been selected as a finalist in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020. The #ANTAwards celebrate products that are safe, ethical, sustainable, and responsible. 

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Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant - Dessert Island - Raw Nature

Natural Deodorant - Dessert Island

or 6 weekly interest-free payments of $2.99 Laybuy What's this?
43 reviews
Natural Deodorant - Fresh Freak (Extra Strength) - Raw Nature

Natural Deodorant - Fresh Freak (Extra Strength)

or 6 weekly interest-free payments of $2.99 Laybuy What's this?
36 reviews

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Aluminium free

Why our deodorants are not antiperspirants

A good deodorant should eliminate bacteria that causes the odour.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of "fake" natural deodorants on the market, which contain harsh and potentially toxic chemicals, such as parabens, synthetic scents (aka fragrance), colours, alcohol and a bunch of chemicals no one can pronounce.  Antiperspirants are also terrible for your overall health as they work to clog or close the pores in your armpits with additives such as aluminium compounds and triclosens. Check out our blog on this subject.

At Raw Nature, we want to feel good about what we put on our skin and yours and believe 100% natural is best.