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We’ve got something super special to share with you...! 

Those who have been following our journey for a while, know that our mission is not only to bring our community clean, vegan, cruelty-free skincare but to be extra kind to our planet. 


So from now on, with every product you purchase we plant a tree with Ecologi, and because of this, we’ve been able to extend what we do here at Raw Nature to empower every single one of us to take on the climate crisis.


We love that they believe in collective action and the fact that their plan is to reduce half the world’s emissions by 2040! How good? 

So what is collective action:

The global challenges that surround us, like the climate crisis, feel daunting at best and hopeless at worst. The Ecologi team has taught us that when a little input comes from a lot of people, we can create real, tangible change. 


Partnering with Ecologi means that we are making it possible for us all to make a collective change!


And get this, by the end of 2021, the amazing Ecologi community had funded the planting of a staggering 30,209,850 trees. This means that, across 2021, the Ecologi community funded just under 24 million trees.

With the Raw Nature & Ecologi communities combined, just think of what we can achieve, because WE (yes, that includes YOU) get to be a part of something that is making an even bigger positive impact on our planet! 


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