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Looking at the environmental impact of every purchase of a Raw Nature product

Raw Nature 100% cardboard Packaging

Here at Raw Nature, we genuinely believe that the packaging we use is just as important as the natural ingredients we source. Our cardboard packaging promotes sustainability to reduce our carbon footprint and lighten our load on the planet. Not only that, but for every purchase of a Raw Nature product, we plant a tree with Ecologi. So you could say that our mission is not only to bring our community clean, vegan, cruelty-free skincare, but to give back to the earth too.


Raw Nature Sustainable Packaging

Here’s a look at our earth-friendly credentials - this is how we’re walking the talk:

Compostable Packaging

Raw Nature’s product packaging is 100% compostable, we cut out all the wasteful elements while still keeping our packaging appealing and functional! 

When we created our cardboard packaging, we asked ourselves: are there elements in our packaging that don't serve a purpose? Is every element recyclable? If it was a no - it had to go. We stripped out all the bells and whistles and went back to sustainable basics.

100% Cardboard

Our packaging is also made from 100% cardboard - designed by Mother Nature herself! 

Gentle on the Earth

We love New Zealand so we’re always striving to make it a better place - and what better way to show our love than to create a product that is gentle on her resources! Producing a locally sourced and crafted skincare range is the very definition of sustainability.


Raw Nature All-Natural skincare

You do good with every product you buy from us:


  • For every product your purchase, we plant 1 tree planted with Ecologi 

  • By using certified toxic-free skincare like ours, you’re lowering the demand for toxin-packed products

  • By choosing products that are certified 100% vegan, you’re saving animals from suffering for commercial profits 

  • By shopping Raw Nature, you’re voting for New Zealand made and keeping it local 

  • By supporting Raw Nature, you’re helping us contribute to charitable organisations like Ecologi, Trees That Count, Sustainable Coastlines and The Good Fund 

But the ultimate impact by far is gifting yourself happy, healthy skin - naturally!


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