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Mānuka Oil – the benefits

Raw Nature Mānuka Oil: The Skincare Powerhouse

Here at Raw Nature we use Mānuka Oil in many of our products making us one of the few brands IN THE WORLD to include it in our formulations! It really is a powerhouse when it comes to skincare.

What is Mānuka Oil? 

Derived from the Mānuka plant, which is native to New Zealand, it is an ultra-concentrated plant essential oil. Small branches are chopped and soaked then extracted via steam distillation. It is best known for its active ingredient Leptospermone. 

So why is it so powerful? 

  • It’s antibacterial – giving the nasty bacteria on your skin the boot. As such, it’s a great natural deodorant, as well as a natural hand sanitiser. To get those armpits smelling fresh, use our natural deodorant

  • It’s anti-dandruff – which means it cleanses and nourishes the scalp, whilst fighting off bacteria, yeast and fungus, to prevent dandruff. Mix 10 drops of Mānuka Oil to your shampoo, massage it into your hair and leave for five minutes before rinsing out. 

  • It’s antimicrobial – reducing and easing redness, dry patches, oily pores, acne, and eczema. It’s even more effective than tea tree oil!

  • It decreases inflammation helping to soothe your skin. So, if you've had too much sun or a bug has taken a liking to you, it’ll calm the area and ease the irritation. For sunburn, give our Solid Moisturiser a go to moisturise dry and tender skin. Make life easy and keep the mosquitoes and biting bugs at bay with our Outdoor Body Balm right here

  • It aids healing, helping to promote the growth of new cells in the body

  • It’s antifungal, helping to treat Athlete’s Foot as it inhibits the growth of fungi causing it. It also helps with foot odour too: put your best foot forwards with our natural Foot Balm which you can get right here.  

Yes, it really is the holy grail of oils that will naturally support your skin, making it our go-to hero ingredient in just about all of our formulations! Reap the benefits and rewards of using Mānuka Oil by shopping the range this way.

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