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Plastic-Alternative packaging and what they really mean

 Raw Nature Compostable Cardboard Packaging

Here at Raw Nature, we applaud the global focus on sustainability in so many areas of life. Let’s be honest, the world couldn’t – and still can’t – go on as it was. 

Over the last few years - certainly within the skincare industry - we have seen a massive shift towards products using more natural ingredients and packaging becoming more eco-friendly.

As soon as consumers see the words “green”, “eco-friendly” or “natural” on packaging, the assumption is that the packaging is sustainable. But do consumers really know what these words mean and where to safely and responsibly dispose of recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging? 

Here are some of the more sustainable options - and your impact on their viability.


Of course, packaging that can be recycled is better than packaging that can only end up in a landfill. If packaging is recyclable, problems can arise when it’s mixed with other materials that aren’t, essentially becoming a mixed material if not cleaned properly prior to being recycled or if it’s made of a material not widely recycled. If you’re considering using skincare products that claim to come in recyclable packaging, opt for products in widely recyclable packaging.


If packaging is compostable it is also biodegradable, but if packaging is biodegradable, it might not be compostable. Yes, these terms both mean that the packaging can break down - but in different ways. For packaging to be classified as compostable, it must decompose at the same rate as organic matter, which is around 3 to 6 months. It also requires a specific setting in order to break down. If packaging is biodegradable, it will be able to break down, but it may contaminate the soil and, quite possibly, can take as long as traditional plastics to break down. 

Here at Raw Nature, our products are packaged in biodegradable and home compostable packaging. We stripped our packaging down so that only the essentials remained and then we made sure those essentials were compostable.  

So, when you purchase products from us, you can rest assured that you’re getting Nature’s ingredients, wrapped in Nature’s packaging.  And, to top it off, with every product you purchase we plant a tree with Ecologi. 

Yep, we’re always taking it one step further because that’s how much we care not only about you, but about our planet. 

Browse our range of natural products – in natural packaging – right here.

Raw nature sustainable packaging

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