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Sustainable Ways to Wrap Gifts this Festive Season!

Sustainable Ways to Wrap Gifts this Festive Season!

Crazy fact… Did you know that most wrapping papers can’t be recycled because of all the dyes, laminates, and shiny additives? The result is that an average of 4 million pounds (more than 333 million square feet) of wrapping paper are thrown away every year! 

This is alarming to say the least! So we thought we’d give you some fun and sustainable gift wrapping ideas to try:

Reusable Fabric Wrap

An easy way to go green this Christmas is to wrap using pretty fabrics. Cut up old clothes you no longer wear, tablecloths that have stains (simply cut around them or dye them a fresh new colour!) or even treasures you’ve found at your local thrift store. Dress your gift up with some natural decor like dehydrated orange slices, cinnamon sticks, star anise, or dried flowers! 

Tote Bags Wrapping Idea

What better way to give a gift than in a DIY tote that can be reused through the holidays and beyond? It’s both practical AND a functional! Most of us have a good few totes laying around at home - and even if you don’t, they’re a relatively inexpensive addition to your gifting list. 

If you have a plain tote, get creative with fabric paint or embroidery to personalize your ‘wrapping’ and make it all the more special! 

Raw Nature Gift Boxes

Raw Nature Gift Boxes are a 100% reusable cardboard box! When you place an online order from Raw Nature, add our gift box to your cart. Trust us when we say, it makes a VERY.CUTE.GIFT! 

Brown Paper Bag Wrapping

You know all those recyclable brown paper bags that you have stacked away in your kitchen cupboard? Those guys are so great for gift wrapping too!

You can cut them down the side seam, remove the bottom of the bag to lie it flat, and then cut the paper bag to fit the gift you’re wrapping. After you’ve got the wrapping done, dress it up with pine cones or some trimmings from your Christmas tree! 


Which sustainable gift wrapping idea will you be giving a go this year? 

Post photos of your creations and tag us (@rawnaturenz)! 

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