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Wardrobe tips for better-smelling armpits

Sweat Odour Armpits Body odour Sweaty armpits Natural deodorant Deodorant

You start your day off feeling (or smelling) fresh, but by lunchtime you find that the freshness has given way to armpit odour and self-consciousness… Sound familiar? We know the stress and anxiety that smelly pits can cause - which is why we’ve done the research to uncover the exact root cause: and the result might shock you…

Before you pin all the blame on genetics, your physiology or even the environment, look at what’s lurking in your wardrobe…

Synthetic clothing made from man-made, chemically-formulated fabrics such as rayon, polyester, or nylon can have a significant impact on armpit fragrance than clothing made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, bamboo, wool, and silk. 

Although synthetic fibres offer enhanced durability, resistance and moisture wicking, they also trap sweat and bacteria between the fibres. Thanks to their breathability, natural fibres allow sweat and bacteria to evaporate rather than cling to your clothing or skin.

Outside of wearing all-natural fibres, how else can you stay fresher for longer? Here are some ideas:

  1. Shower daily: Odours occur when the bacteria that lives on your skin feeds off sweat, so wash away the sweat and the bacteria that feeds on it.

  1. Wash with natural products: synthetic products may dry out the skin, leading to the overproduction of sebum and sweat, the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. 

  1. Use natural deodorants: Mainstream deos contain ingredients that can alter the pH of your skin, ultimately causing irritation and harbouring bacteria.

  1. Ditch the fabric softener: sweat and bacteria sit on the surface of the fabric and prevent airflow and evaporation. 

  1. Watch what you eat: foods like broccoli, cabbage, onions and garlic can all affect the way that you smell.

Having body odour can be quite debilitating, thankfully our range of natural deodorants is effective at keeping skin healthy and odours at bay: check out our natural award-winning products right here

Sweat Odour Armpits Body odour Sweaty armpits Natural deodorant Deodorant

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