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Your skincare should be waterless… Here’s why!

waterless skincare

Look at the ingredient list on the back of most mainstream skincare products and the first ingredient you’ll see is “aqua” or “water”. In fact, most skin and body products contain anywhere from 80 to 95% water… 

Water is a filler, bulking out the product and making it seem like you’re getting more product than you actually are. Using water as a filler comes at a low cost… But it’s a high cost for the health of our planet. 

Not only that, but where there’s water, there are preservatives, synthetic ingredients and parabens:

  1. The active ingredients in products containing water are mostly diluted and therefore, less effective.

  1. Water breeds bacteria easily, so in most cases the product will contain chemical preservatives and plenty of other synthetics to create textures, colors and scents. 

  1. All these chemical colorants, toxic fragrances and preservatives make it so that the skin becomes sensitive, red, inflamed, flaky and can even start breaking out.

  1. The more water a product contains, the more preservatives it’ll need to keep bacterial growth from happening. 

  1. Parabens are preservatives that might give a product a longer shelf life, and have also been connected to many illnesses and health problems.

So the truth is, you’re actually paying big bucks for WATER! 

While drinking water is important for your skin and body, the use of it in skincare products can actually dry the skin out, removing the protective natural oils from skin as the water starts to evaporate. 

Not only that, but if we don’t start conserving water rather than wasting it on everyday skincare products, some countries around the world will be living with water scarcity while others might be living under water-stressed conditions. 

Which is why Raw Nature is made with 0% water. That’s right: we don’t use water in any of our formulations. We stay away from fillers, parabens, toxic ingredients, preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances and use only soothing botanical ingredients and nourishing oils to create powerful blends, eliminating the need for preservatives and unnecessary fillers. 

As a result, our formulations are more concentrated so a little goes a long way, saving you time and money in the long run.

We’re in the business of waterless skin and body products: it’s the future of skincare - good thing Raw Nature has got a head start! 

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