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More is More - Push up gently from the bottom of the tube to expose 1/2cm of product and cover as much skin as possible.  If you forgot to apply the Outdoor Balm and do get bitten, rub it on the bite.  Apply it to wherever you are likely to get bitten; ankles, arms, feet etc.  


Don't be scared - Mozzies might hover, but they won't bite - just make sure you have covered ALL exposed skin.


*Use on an existing bite to help soothe it.


* Leave it uncapped beside your bed at night for some more protection.


* The scent is a very pleasant woody smell and not overpowering.  It contains no water so perfect for throwing into your bag when you head outdoors.


* Using a DEET-free stick repellent may take some time to get use to but its totally worth giving up the overwhelming toxic stench of bug repellent sprays, especially when there is food around.


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